What to expect for the Homecoming music


Albertine Combs

Students can go online to @avhsinfo and vote through a Twitter poll for their favorite playlist.

Leila Touati, AVT Editor-in-Chief

Amador students and teachers are creating playlists with the winning soundtrack used for the music during the Homecoming dance.

“I’m not going to disclose the names, but there’s two teachers, two students, and our own AV Radio staff,” said AV Radio Editor-in-Chief Parth Mishra (‘23).

The playlists can be found on AV Radio’s Spotify account by typing in AVRadio in the search bar. Some playlists have distinct characteristics while others have similarities. 

“I am pretty excited because when I went to Homecoming my freshman year the music wasn’t that great. I thought why not make an impact on Homecoming by providing school-friendly music which is also a bop,” said Mishra.

Students can vote until next Friday, where the decision of which playlist used at Homecoming will be final. Students can follow @avhsinfo on Twitter and vote through a poll for their favorite music playlist. There are five in total with a variety of genres for everyone to enjoy.

“The playlist with the most likes and is the most voted for will be the playlist played at Homecoming so a lot of students should take that into consideration when it comes to music choice. This year it’s in the student’s hands to choose which way they want to see Homecoming go music-wise,” said AV Radio Editor-in-Chief Albertine Combs (‘23).