Aloha Rally: a story through photos

Ritika Gupta, AVT Page Editor

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  • The hosts, Colin Wallace (‘22) and Kai Burgermeister (‘22), kept the rally spirited with their funny jokes and amazing aloha gear.

  • The juniors and seniors boo the freshman and sophomores, welcoming them into the new school. Booing the freshman students is a tradition done every Aloha Rally at Amador Valley.

  • The juniors and seniors cheer for themselves, getting excited for their last year(s) at Amador.

  • The Amador Valley dance team performed a trendy and fun routine with upbeat songs. They kicked off the rally, being the first performers in 2 years.

  • The Bollywood and Bhangra club brought the energy to the crowd through an incredible performance. The crowd gets excited for the club performance every year because of the upbeat music and impressive choreography.

  • Incorporating new stunts, the Varsity Cheer team performed an exciting routine during the rally.

  • The spirit team played a game of musical chairs to find out who will be the next Don King and Queen.

  • The 2021-2022 Don Royalties, Hannah Walder (‘22) and Blake Bouchard (‘22), got knighted by the hosts and vowed to always be spirited.

  • Nine teachers participated in bubble soccer which, unfortunately, ended with no winners. Mr. Murphy went all-in in the game, kicking the ball high in the air.

  • The Varsity Football team performed a hilarious dance, bringing more energy and joy to the students.

  • The theme of this year’s Homecoming dance, DECADES, was announced during the rally. Freshman got the 1920’s, sophomores are going in 2000’s wear, juniors get to celebrate in the 1970’s, and seniors got disco 80’s.