How do students maintain social distancing during lunch?

Alex Wu, Staff Writer

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  • In 2021, the re-opened school faces challenges from the pandemic. Although students are told to maintain social distance, the practicality is yet unknown.

  • Many students are still unaware of the potential risk of the virus spreading spreading, and crowds of students enjoy lunch together, putting risk to the school’s pandemic defense.

  • Students found maintaining social distance during lunch hard. With limited tables and space, students are forced to sit close together.

  • Attempting to maintain social distance between lunching students, the school separated lunch tables away from each other.

  • To keep areas less densely populated, students voluntarily social-distance on the grass.

  • Two students in Q building enjoy lunch together while sitting apart during the pandemic.

  • The long and slow waiting lines for the cafeteria force the students to cluster together, making social distancing hard to maintain. Risks for virus spreading have increased.