What to expect at the Aloha rally


Yi (Steven) Yang

Students will sit on the bleachers, while the seniors will sit in front of them. The events will occur on the field.

Yi (Steven) Yang, AVT Editor-in-Chief

This Friday, Amador Valley will host a welcome rally for the student body – the first in two years.

Students and teachers will follow a rally schedule with a reduced class period. With the entire past week being full of a variety of tropical spirit days, students are recommended to wear Aloha spirit attire on Friday, such as leis, florals, flip flops, and other apparel. 

“The events planned are the same as usual. We got Cheer, Bollywood, the Dance Team, a special performance from the football team, and the ukulele club,” said leadership member Emma Rathjen (‘22).

The rally will occur during third period, a different time compared to previous years. There will be designated seating on the bleachers for all the grade levels, with seniors sitting in front of the bleachers. 

“We are going to stagger students entering the stadium, which has been done before. That will also help in keeping students separated,” said Vice Principal Athena Duran

Masks are required for the rally, as everyone will be in close proximity to each other. 

“It is going to be just like your typical rally pre-pandemic with the exception that students will be wearing masks. Students are expected to have some fun,” said Duran.