AV parking: problems and solutions


Matt Carter

With school back in session, the AV parking lot has become more of an obstacle course.

Matthew Carter, AVT EIC

With every student now back to school full-time it’s harder than ever to find a parking spot. Due to the construction of the new building the back parking lot is closed to all students. Those licensed students who drive to school are left to share the front lot, but special priority was given to seniors.

“I think it’s a good thing that seniors got first priority for parking spots because it’s their last year of high school and they probably have more experience navigating the parking lot than sophomores and juniors. I’m happy that I got a spot but disappointed that it’s so far away,” said Kiana Lum (‘22).

The parking lot system this year was a raffle. Seniors got first priority to purchase a spot that was given to them at random. After all the seniors who wanted spots got them, the spots that were left were raffled out to the juniors.

“I’m a little aggravated with how the spots were distributed. As someone who carpools other people it would’ve been nicer to know I didn’t have to drive in circles around the school looking for a place to park,” said Megan Wallace (‘23).

With the parking lot as busy as it is it’s become harder to find parking for those without spots.

“I get up early so that I can find a spot before school starts. I usually park out near the back of the school, somewhere along the road the church is on. I park there because if I went anywhere else it would be very crowded, as it has been,” said Wallace.

Students have had to get creative, and either find different modes of transportation to school or different lots to park in.

“I’m working on getting my drivers license now but in the meantime I carpool to school with my friend,” said Kurtis Bauman (‘24).