New vaccine rollout plans allow ages 16 and up to be eligible

Jasmine Andrea, Staff Writer

22.8 million vaccine doses have been given in California which makes up 21.1% of the state’s population that has been fully vaccinated. When the vaccine rollout began in December of last year to seniors and long-term care residents, those who weren’t eligible wondered just by when they could get the vaccine.

There were, and still are, many skeptics—whether it be about the supply, process, or the vaccine itself. Although there were previous qualms that the vaccine supply was dwindling, there has only been an increase in Pfizer and Moderna vaccine supply. 

However, the Johnson&Johnson single-dose vaccine supply is “expected to be down 80% nationwide” reported the Wall Street Journal.

This new data could prove to be an issue when it comes to the new rollout plan, which as of April 15 will allow any Californian over the age of 16 to be eligible to get the vaccine. 

“I think once they allow all 16-year-olds and up to get the vaccine we will be on the right track to normality in the summer,” said Emily Yao (‘23).

Before the new plan, there were specific eligibility requirements that those between ages 16 and 50 used or even loopholes that there were to get the shot.

“I went in when the [pharmacy] was closing and they gave me the shot because they had to throw away whatever extras they had so they might as well use them,” said Suhani Samai (‘22).

As the vaccines have a very short shelf life, some people have simply walked in during closing hours to get their vaccine. However, once April 15 rolls around, there will be no more requirements for Californians besides the fact that you must be 16 years of age or older. This is because none of the shots have been approved for younger ages.

Students that are ages 16+ can sign up at or call (833)-422-4255 to create a vaccine appointment for the Pfizer vaccine.