Johnson & Johnson Covid-19 vaccine gets approved


Stephanie Kamali

Vaccine distribution has steadily increased as county’s make the process more efficient.

Senyi Yang, Staff Writer

Johnson and Johnson, a global consumer healthcare company, has developed a single shot vaccine that is 66 % efficient in preventing moderate to severe COVID-19. Initially announced on January 29th, the vaccine is currently going through FDA approval and more recently filed for EU approval.  

“This vaccine is anticipated to be a game changer in vaccination efforts globally because of its efficacy against new variants, easy storage conditions and one-dose regimen,” said Dr. Laura Zhang, the Director of Pharmacy at Sutter Tracy Community Hospital. 

Stephanie Kamali

If this vaccine is approved, there could be a massive benefit to using it over the current Moderna and Pfizer vaccines. First off, the single shot vaccine type solves an imminent problem Moderna and Pfizer is facing: they may not have enough second doses to make the vaccine actually effective. It’s anticipated to be implemented into various hospital systems throughout the United States by next week. 

 Secondly, Johnson and Johnson has tested their vaccines in areas like Latin America and South Africa where COVID strains are different and current vaccines are less effective. The Johnson and Johnson vaccine also does not need to be stored at ultracold temperatures, allowing for easier and ultimately faster transportation. 

The 66% efficacy rate might sound low, when compared to the 95% efficiency of both Pfizer and Moderna’s current vaccines, but trials show that it’s up to 72% effective overall in the United States and 85% effective in reducing severe cases that could result in death. 

Both vaccines ultimately do the same thing: they code for antibodies against the coronavirus spike glycoprotein. However, each vaccine’s methods for doing this are different. 

“Johnson and Johnson uses a technology called AdVac(R) to encapsulate the genetic code of SARS-CoV-2 virus spike protein, instead of mRNA,” said Dr. Zhang.

The Johnson and Johnson vaccine will greatly reduce the stress on the healthcare system. Vaccines will be able to be rolled out from major corporations quicker, and as a result, we’ll be back to normal life as soon as possible.