Black History Month: Influential Black Artists

Parth Mishra, Jack Chen, and Nina Moothedath

As February comes to a close, AVRadio is back with a series of podcasts highlighting influential black artists, from visual artists to singers, writers to filmmakers. All four of these individuals have made a lasting impact on society and persevered through challenges and hardships. We were hard-pressed to only choose four, but we hope you enjoy hearing about some human beings that have truly inspired us.






1. Jacob Lawrence

Music credits:, “Sunny Walk Around the Block (ID 1332)” by Lobo Loco from Free Music Archives CC BY NC-SA. 

Staff writer Parth Mishra breaks down Lawrence’s artistic career throughout his life, from childhood works to masterpieces hung in the Whitney Museum of American Art in New York City.









2. Nina Simone

Music credits:

In this installment, Jack Chen profiles the implications of Simone’s music and the underlying message behind a lot of her songs, as well as an overarching account of her life.









3. Jordan Peele

Music Credits:,”Get out of the Darkness (ID 1506)” by Lobo Loco from Free Music Archive CC BY NC-SA, “They mostly come at night… Mostly…” by Jim Hall from Free Music Archive CC BY

In this episode, Nina Moothedath discusses Peele’s genius in comedy and horror through TV shows like the Key and Peele show, as well as the movies Get Out and Us.