Reviews with AVRadio

Renna Popli, Parth Mishra, and Trisha Khattar

AVRadio presents our new series: Reviews with AVRadio, where we review, analyze, and break down music albums, books, movies, and other media types. We hope that you enjoy listening to our staff writers’ takes on both popular and obscure stories and music!







1. Soul

In this episode, Renna Popli talks about the heavily critically acclaimed new Pixar movie, Soul.



2. Whole Lotta Red by Playboi Carti

Staff writer Parth Mishra reviews popular music album Whole Lotta Red by Playboi Carti!

Music:  Dark Flashes by Shane Ivers –, “Waves” by Pictures of the Floating World From Free Music Archives CC BY NC-SA,

3. evermore by Taylor Swift

Trisha Khattar analyzes each song on Taylor Swift’s newest album, evermore!

Music: “Chasing Time” by Eme Hache. From Free Music Archive, licensed with CC BY-NC-SA,

4. The Half of It

In this episode, Trisha Khattar reveals her thoughts on the characters, directing, and plot of the Netflix movie The Half of It.

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