Should Pleasanton teams be practicing right now?


Kennedy Mayo

If everyone follows CDC guidelines, perhaps Pleasanton sports can return to practice.

Kennedy Mayo, Senior Staff Writer

Over the past few weeks, COVID cases have been skyrocketing, especially in Alameda County. Due to the outbreak in Alameda a majority of Fall and Winter sports at Amador have been postponed to later dates in early 2021. 

“Its made it to where I can’t practice with my team and we cant work together with one ball. We already lost our coach and we are at a huge disadvantage not practicing,” said Dominic Miranda (’21), Amador Varsity Basketball.

Students and athletes have expressed all types of emotion when they heard the news of the school closing down due to COVID-19 cases in the area and how it affected their sport. 

“Our season is usually in the fall but got pushed back out to the spring and now our season is shared with the boy’s team as well,” said Rachel Shaw (’21), Amador Varsity Golf.

Amador athletes and coaches have signified all types of emotion when it comes to the decision if high school sports are allowed to return. Some coaches may want to return safely following CDC guidelines and starting practices again and others might not want to start due to the rising cases.

 “Hopefully the soccer season will go ahead. I believe the best thing I can do is making sure that the season develops our players whilst making sure not to overstress players playing to their club. This season has less games so hopefully this will make it easier. We may only train 1x or 2x per week,” said Dave Shaw, Amador Varsity Soccer Coach (Girls).   

The Ballistic United Soccer Club coaches have been expressing their voice when it comes to their athletes traveling safely.

“We are not starting to travel in any real sense. We allowed our MLS elite teams to travel to Reno one time a couple weeks back to scrimmage,” said Kevin Crow, Technical Director at BUSC.

The athletes have also expressed their frustration toward the COVID situation and not being able to play. 

“A couple of weeks ago, our team was considering going to a tournament in Las Vegas. It didn’t end up happening because the COVID situation started to get worse and traveling would just be too dangerous. Unfortunately, we don’t have any future travel plans or scheduled games,” said Justin Hunter (‘21), Ballistic Soccer Player.

Overall athletics for high school and club teams have not been able to do much because of the pandemic. Seasons have been postponed into the new year. Athletes are frustrated that they aren’t able to practice with their teams regularly and go to play games. Hopefully in the new year, if we all follow CDC guidelines,  the pandemic could get better so high school and club athletes can get back into action.