Congress attempts to pass second stimulus package


Renna Popli

Trump has suggested that he supports the $908 billion dollar stimulus bill.

Renna Popli, Junior Editor

Congress is trying to pass a stimulus package before December 11th, but bipartisan efforts are not bringing an agreeable result. It is important that they pass this package soon because many Americans are not receiving income and their government-issued benefits are running out on Christmas or the new year. 

“With winter coming and work most likely slowing down with another impending lockdown, another stimulus check will provide more peace of mind and allow for me to get through the next few months with a lot less financial stress,” said stimulus check receiver Varun Gupta. 

One of the big conflicts in the senate is whether or not to include a second stimulus check in this package. If a stimulus check were not a part of the package, it would mainly include more targeted PPP (Paycheck Protection Program) and similar relief programs.

Some republicans, like Bill Cassidy of Louisiana, say that this bill is only for temporary relief, and that there would be a separate bill including a second stimulus check. Other republicans, like Sen. Joh Hawley, say that they’d oppose a bill without a stimulus check. 

While Democrats like Speaker Nancy Pelosi and President-Elect Joe Biden say that a stimulus check is an important aspect of the bill, a $908 billion dollar proposal was brought to the floor, only to be quickly shot down by Senate Majority Leader Mitch Mconell.

He came back with a revision to his $500 billion bill, which was blocked once more. Mconell says that he will not bring a plan to the floor if he does not think President Trump would approve, though the president has indicated that he would support the $908 billion dollar bill. 

“The stimulus check was a very welcome cushion and allowed for me to go out and stimulate the economy in my own way. I purchased more goods, supported local restaurants, and overall was just spent more freely,” said Gupta.

No matter your opinions on what it should entail, most people can agree that this package must be passed before the new year.