Amador athletes sign letters of intent


Jamilla Zuniga

“Being in a new environment with other athletes who share my passion sounds amazing,” said Luke Scanlon (‘21).

On Thursday, November 12, a signing ceremony was held for Amador student-athletes heading to college for sports. The athletes present consisted of individuals ranging from golf to soccer players. 

Usually, this is a big event held on the Amador campus during lunch where students, parents, and friends can all attend. Due to all the COVD restrictions this was much more difficult to organize this year, but since it is such an important part of these AV athlete’s careers, the Amador administration made sure it happened. 

Tables set at least 6-10 feet apart were set up on the field for each AV Athlete. Parents and athletes showed up in masks and socially distanced from the other athletes. Parents were allowed to take photos as the athletes were celebrated. 

These athletes are excited for the opportunity to participate in the competitive collegiate environment next year. 

“Swimming is unique in that we practice all year instead of just one season, so what really makes the talented swimmers stand out is who can dedicate enough time while still put in the maximum effort on the seventh practice of the week. . .I’m excited to be part of a more competitive team,” said swimmer Luke Scanlon (‘21). 

Athletes chose colleges based not only on sports, but also on the general atmosphere and community. 

The decision in choosing ASU was mostly the soccer. But on my visit there it really felt like home, visiting the dorms, the campus, and I loved all the educational choices,” said soccer player Kennedy Mayo (‘21). 

For many, support from friends and family played an integral part in their dedication and perseverance in their chosen sport. 

“My parents were the most helpful and supportive people; they were there for me at every game, every practice, and whenever else I needed them,” said softball player Mia Hildebrand (‘21). 

Despite the challenges posed by the current circumstances, Amador athletes remained hopeful and determined. Their success in the recruiting process is only the beginning to their athletic aspirations. 

“With the pandemic, the recruiting process was extra stressful, but I tried to keep a positive mindset and knew that I would end up where I needed to be,” said golf player Rachel Shaw (‘21).