Haunted Histories


Entering the holiday season, there’s nothing like curling up next to the fire with a good story. That’s why the AV Radio team is excited to present Haunted Histories, spooky historical tales that’ll be sure to give you chills!







1. The Bell Witch

Narrated by Jack Chen

The Bell Witch’s story began in Tennessee in the year 1817. The Bell family existed and was supposedly haunted by an entity, although it is still inconclusive as to what exactly tormented the Bell family. 

According to the stories, the entity judged each person it encountered. John Bell was particularly disliked and met an early end while his wife Luce reportedly received gifts and performances from it. 

Across many accounts, the Bell Witch was reported as being capable of mimicking the voice and personality of anyone it chose. One account from a formerly-skeptical Englishman stated that it was able to mimic his parents who were overseas.

Sometimes the Bell Witch seemed to be able to travel vast distances quickly or be at several places at once, able to know or find out the happenings of anyone with seemingly no limit to its range. 

The fame of the Bell Witch even attracted the attention of General Andrew Jackson. When asked about the Bell Witch, he remarked, “I had rather face the entire British Army than to spend another night with the Bell Witch”.

2. The LaLaurie House

Narrated by Auguste McDaniel

Madame Delphine LaLaurie’s first marriage was to a high-ranking Spanish Officer who died mysteriously in Havana. Her second husband, Jean Blanque, also died in 1816. At that time, her family had already fled to New Orleans. 

Her third and final husband, Leonard Louise Nicholas LaLaurie, 1825, a young and successful physician who would move the family into the famous LaLaurie House Of Horrors in 1832. At 1140 Royal Street was a two-story mansion with included slave quarters where the deaths of 15 or more slaves would occur.

These prolific events of history were portrayed in pop culture media during the 2010s, notably, American Horror Story, a horror anthology series made in 2010. Madame Lalaurie was portrayed by Kathy Bates in the third season of the show, named Coven.

3. White House Ghosts

Narrated by Tino Rosas

The Story “White House Ghosts” is based on the real paranormal events that took place in the White House. The location’s hauntings started around the time the capital moved from Philadelphia to Washington DC. 

Various important figures, including first lady Mary Todd Lincoln, were invested in spiritualism during this time. It’s even said that Mrs. Lincoln held seances in the Red Room of the White house to cope with her son’s death.

A few of the White House staff discussed the ghost sightings with one another. Some reached the conclusion that different ghosts occupied different areas of the building. These ranged from Thomas Jefferson playing his majestic violin in the Yellow Room to William Harrison roaming around the attic. 

Thankfully, although there were many appearances, none of the ghosts seem to have any malicious intent. The most violent spirit that was spotted was Anna Surratt, who repeatedly banged on a door.