Rage and Ballistic continue soccer practices


Kennedy Mayo

Pleasanton Soccer clubs, Rage and Ballistic are back in action.

Kennedy Mayo, Senior Staff Writer

Rage and Ballistic have practiced socially distanced since July. In the beginning, all players had to be at least twelve feet apart and have masks on at all times. Now that they have been practicing for at least 5 months, some of the guidelines have changed. 

“When we get to practice and when we leave we are required to wear masks. During the actual practice we can take the masks off, but we still have to be six feet apart from each other (including team huddles). This means we aren’t allowed to play with contact which makes practicing pretty difficult,” said Justin Hunter(’21).

At every field, tables are set up with hand sanitizer(for hands) and sanitizing spray bottles(for cleats). These actions of sanitizing must be done before entering and leaving the field.

“[Social Distance Practicing]is going as well as can be expected. Players can not share equipment (pennies), can not move goals without wearing gloves, can not touch or pick up cones, must use team snap before arriving each training to answer three medical questions and track their attendance, can not touch each other, but can put passive defensive pressure on each other,” said Kevin Crow, the Ballistic Soccer Director.

These times are incredibly difficult for players and coaches. However, they have also seen some benefits. 

“I think they are going well. Before COVID, we did a lot of tackles and scrimmages, but now we get focused on individual skills and switch-up the drills, which is helpful. I think it also made us appreciate the game more and how we may have taken it for granted before COVID,” said Lauren Reeves (’22).

Since the end of March, Rage and Ballistic players were not able to practice due to COVID. Now that guidelines have been placed, Alameda County has found a safe way for players to get back on the field and start to play again.