Amador seniors volunteering during the pandemic


Leila Touati

When volunteering, it is important to keep yourself safe as you help the community.

The class of 2021 is experiencing a very different year than expected. At Amador, students are required to complete 20 volunteer hours with a non-profit organization before they graduate. These hours can be fulfilled at any time during grades 9 through 12, but most students decide to accumulate these hours during their senior year.

“I have contacted a couple people through email, although most of the time they say they’re no longer accepting help from seniors so it’s really hard to find community service that isn’t already full,”  said Versailles Castillo (‘21)

This has been a common issue among many seniors. Most opportunities are virtual and held through Zoom making it difficult for students to contribute to their community in a long-lasting way.

“I actually have gotten a lot of my hours completed already, I worked a lot with Valley Humane Society which is sort of like an adoption center. It’s really easy because it’s just as in call and they talk about their work as well as different career paths,”  said Vanessa Montler (‘21)

It is clear that while some are struggling to find work, others are completing their hours with ease. The most important thing to focus on is staying safe, and virtual hours are a great choice although it may be harder to get in contact with the organizer. 

“I have found a couple opportunities for senior service although they’re not virtual so I made sure that I took my time asking the organizer what they’re doing to keep everybody safe,” said Castillo.

All the best to any students volunteering either virtually or in-person during this time, and be sure to wear a mask when volunteering outside. With COVID-19 it’s important that students stay safe and healthy as they complete their service hours this year.