UC system moves away from SAT and ACT

Sunny Liu, Page Editor

The UC Board of Regents, which is in charge of governing UC Universities, canceled the usage of ACT and SAT scores, in accepting students to their colleges. This decision was made on Thursday and changes the way students look at standardized tests in many ways.

For the falls of 2021 and 2022,  UCs will be test-optional. This means that the colleges wouldn’t require ACT or SAT scores, but would still look at them when accepting students.

For the fall of 2023 and 2024 , the UCs will be test-blind, meaning that they simply do not accept SAT or ACT scores.

“I’m pretty happy about the elimination of standardized testing. I think standardized tests like the SAT and ACT can never accurately represent the intellect of a student and really only tests their ability to master the test itself,” said Sophia Zhu (‘22).

The elimination of these tests has also brought relief to students who feel pressured by standardized tests. 

“I don’t think it’s right to place such a large emphasis on one number (the test score) and it will force colleges to focus more on personality and other aspects of the applicants. I think it will make the college apps process a lot easier for us since there will be less to worry about.” said Zhu.

The UC Board of Regents chose to do this due to the interference of COVID-19 on high school students. They also responded to the numerous lawsuits filed against them and the College Board by minority groups which claimed the tests were discriminatory and unfair.

However, some argue that the SAT and ACT scores are important in that they can gauge a student’s success in life more accurately than grades do. Others say that SAT and ACT scores offer minority students a chance to get accepted into colleges that they otherwise wouldn’t have gotten into.

Without ACT or SAT tests considered, the board decided to set up a new standardized test which would be implemented in fall of 2024. The test will be revised to cover topics that the colleges think students should know. The new standardized test will also be without the typical essay.

Hopefully, the new testing system will accurately test the skill level of each individual student. More updates about this process will be covered soon.