Sunny Liu
Although her real name is Yining, most people can’t pronounce that and so she sticks with Sunny. As a sophomore, she’s shrank in height since sixth grade and her hair is also short, but at least her confidence isn’t too short (Okay, it is pretty low). As her first year in journalism, she is excited but nervous since she wants to write stories, but doesn’t know where to begin, ever. She doesn’t really have any hobbies as she’s an asian who has always been trying to keep those straight A’s, but at least she knows that she enjoys writing and wants to tell the stories of those whose voice isn’t yet out there. “I think writing was allowed by my parents because its related to school,” she laughs to others. 

Even if she is slightly restricted by her parents, she manages to have fun by browsing the Internet when Mom and Dad think she’s doing homework. Always smiling, she’s the most clueless and street dumb, book smart girl you’ll ever meet. She has friends of course, and of course they’re mostly asians, but they’re the most supportive and noncompetitive people she has around her. 

Sunny Liu, Staff Writer

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Sunny Liu