Amador academic assistance moves online

Mandy Wong, Page Editor

Before Covid-19, students could seek help with their classes by heading to the library afterschool. Now, the tutoring program continues to offer help over Zoom.

“Any student may request tutoring. If one needs help with classwork, studying for an assessment, setting up a project, or any other academic need, tutoring can help,” said Vice Principal Jamie Mather. 

As students are learning on their own, online tutoring is an important option for students to get help with difficult assignments and material. 

“I think that online tutoring is a great opportunity for students to get help from their peers during remote learning. It is especially beneficial for students who are unable to attend office hours due to schedule conflicts between classes – so they can get help from fellow students when they can’t get help from their teachers,” said math teacher Linda Hammervold.

To request tutoring, students complete an eight-question google form that asks basic questions such as a student’s grade level and the subject they want help with.

Tutoring over the internet is more flexible than in-person tutoring in the library would have been. The form allows students to choose the date and time frame that works best for them. Currently, a student can request a tutoring session any date through mid-May.

Online tutoring also allows for a new level of personalization that lets students get help from tutors exactly where they want it.

“Students need to make the plan themselves about what they want to go over rather than just popping into tutoring and having a tutor offer to help. Online tutoring is…more personalized due to the nature of video conferencing,” said Mather.

Amador’s online academic assistance program offers help to students as they finish off the semester away from school.