Junior Dhruvi Mehta offers art classes to the community during pandemic


Dhruvi Mehta

This beautiful bird is a piece of artwork by one of Dhruvi’s students.

Elyssa Lieu, Page Editor

Since the beginning of quarantine, AV student Dhruvi Mehta has taught over 190 students how to draw for free in her art classes.

In her online classes, students have a large range of subjects to choose from, with topics such as birds, food, buildings, and more. She may only be 15, but the good reviews on her website can attest that she’s got some serious teaching skills.

“My mom and grandmother were both teachers and they both taught art, so I was really inspired to take some of my own initiative during this crisis… and provide an activity for kids and adults of all ages to do,” said Dhruvi Mehta (‘22).

On her website, Dhruvi uploads pictures of students’ drawings and past classes. She also offers academic tutoring, which, like her art lessons, is completely free.

“My favorite thing [about my classes] is seeing the smiles on the kids’ faces after they’re done with their project… it really makes the whole thing worth it,” said Mehta.

While Dhruvi is currently busy with her art course, she confesses that she has big plans for the future.

“I would love to hopefully become a doctor, but I do love teaching and I really want to hold onto it and make it a part of my life,” said Mehta.

The civic-minded teen has helped out plenty in the past. Her impressive resume includes working in Amador’s Science for Youth club, which hosts the Elementary Science Olympiad and volunteering for the Stanford Asian Liver Center.

However, no matter how long she’s been involved in the community, Dhruvi remains passionate about encouraging everyone to be open to art.

“There are so many different types and forms, I’m sure that everyone has a specific type of art that they will excel at! There is no right age to start doing art. In fact, right now… we have a lot of time to invest in ourselves and learn a new talent, and you never know if art may be just the thing for you,” said Mehta.

If you’re interested, you can check out Dhruvi’s website,

As social distancing continues, Dhruvi is helping students find their creativity at home.

Needles to say, Dhruvi is one of our shining lights of hope in these dark times.