Tiktok partners with Truth campaign

Kennedy Mayo, Staff Writer

The popular app, Tiktok, has partnered with Truth, a website that exposes big tobacco companies of their lies and manipulation strategies. Tiktok has recently been running Truth ads on the app to aid teens to quit Juul for good. 

This partnership is largely due to the large number of Juul users on Tiktok. The popular app silenced several accounts to help end the Juul influence of underage users on the app. 

Recently there has been a vaping related lung disease outbreak that has sickened almost 2,700 and killed 60 teens and young adults. Vaping is becoming an epidemic in the United States, and started to escalate in the late 2010s. 

In the past, it’s been common for apps like Tiktok to use their platforms to run Juul ads targeted towards teens and young adults.

“I think that Tiktok having ads for e-cigarettes and Juuls is a good way of advertisement because a lot of teens Juul and a lot of teens use Tik Tok so it directs to teens,” said Ryan Clark (‘21).

Due to this, the new Tiktok and Truth campaign has come just in time.

The “Ready to Ditch JUUL” campaign recently kicked off. Tiktok has made this into a challenge and asked famous users on the app to, “ditch their Juuls and quit”, in a video.

The first challenge of the campaign was the “Ice Water Tricks Shot.” Users were invited to show videos of them doing their best trick shot of ditching their Juuls and throwing it in an ice bin.

This campaign is sure to influence Amador students because many teens here at Amador are users of Tiktok.

“Truth campaign ads on Tiktok could be useful because a lot of kids on Tiktok are underage and own vape products,” said Lindsay Hill (‘22)

Due to Tiktok’s popularity with teens, Tiktok and Truth’s partnership may help all teens, including Amador students, to think twice about Juuling and vaping.