The reasons why Gossip Television is popular

Kennedy Mayo and Marisa Fidone

Many teenagers enjoy reality shows over other genres. Shows like The Bachelor and Keeping up with the Kardashians are what excite teens today and make them want to watch more. Although it may seem that reality shows are scripted or staged, reality shows give the perception that we really know the people on the screen. 

Teens also find reality TV shows to be more relatable than a regular genre. Some students at Amador love to watch gossip shows or reality shows and some don’t. 

“I like watching reality or gossip shows because in all honesty, I like drama when it’s not mine. I guess I like the shock factor and I think it’s really interesting because I try to avoid having drama in my own life,” said Katie Batoy (‘21).  

Gossip shows and reality TV draw the viewer’s attention by adding more drama to make them watch more. However, some students at Amador believe that gossip shows just aren’t that interesting.

“I don’t watch TV shows like that, because they are not my cup of tea, because I like action shows and shows with better plots,” said Brendan O’Sullivan (‘21). 

There are some marketing strategies that draw teens into reality tv and gossip shows.  One is that drama draws attention, and personally sustains it. When viewers watch shows like The Bachelor and Real Housewives of Atlanta they usually end in a cliffhanger leaving the viewers wanting more drama. 

When a bunch of teens watches reality TV it gets them more excited to talk to their friends about the show which gets them even more interested in the show. 

“Reality shows are very interesting and you never know what’s gonna happen next,” said Aditya Bhandary (‘21). 

In conclusion, a lot of teens enjoy the drama of reality shows and how excited they get when it ends in a cliffhanger, leaves them wanting more.