Amador Pool Fallen Into Disrepair — AV Water Polo Relocates


David Cease, AVtv Editor

The Amador Valley High School pool has fallen into disrepair again despite the fact that it has already been fixed once this school year.

Students who participate in sports such as water polo are having to travel to other facilities because the pool is too cold and is a health risk for players.

Currently, the Amador water polo teams are renting The Wave in Emerald Glen Park, Dublin which is approximately 4.1 miles away from Amador. Future practices will continue to take place at The Wave until the Amador pool is fixed, but seeing as the water polo season is almost over, these players may never return home during the 2019 season.

“The coaches are saying they would like if the school district could actually fix the pool instead of just fixing it for a little while,” said Nick Strain (’21), varsity water polo player. He emphasized the fact that a remedy to this pool problem is heavily reliant on the administration finding a permanent in-depth fix, not just a little maintenance.

“We have either had to do morning practice or had to cancel practice completely,” said Josh Freeman (’21), another varsity water polo player, “It’s a major inconvenience and yeah, I just hope it gets fixed as soon as possible.”