AV’s Halloween Tradition

Soumya Sahay, Social Media Editor-in-Chief

October 31 is always a fun and exciting time for students at Amador—it’s Halloween! Not only do students get to skip school the day after the holiday, but they also get to dress up in their costumes for school the day of! 

“I might dress up for Halloween, but it’s nice that Amador lets us dress up. It’s part of the tradition, and even though we’re high schoolers, we are all still kids on the inside,” said Nigar Morshedian (‘22). 

This year, Halloween was on a Thursday, so instead of canceling school for two days in a row, Amador’s administration team decided to make Thursday a minimum day. Friday was a full day off for students, as it was a scheduled staff development day. 

“I think that it’s good that our school allows students to dress up for Halloween! It shows creativity, and we have a dress code, so there is no risk for any violent things. It’s good!” said Cynthia Hong (‘21). 

For students who are unfamiliar with the Mexican culture or who are not currently enrolled in a Spanish class at Amador, there is another cultural celebration occurring the same week as Halloween: Dia de Los Muertos! 

Dia de Los Muertos, or ‘The Day of The Dead,’ is a Mexican celebration that celebrates the ancestors who have passed, and the memories that they have left with their families. 

The Amador library has decided to take part in the celebration by having an altar of deceased loved ones. Some language classes are also choosing to celebrate the day in their own personal ways. 

With Halloween, Dia de Los Muertos, and a minimum day to top it all off, Thursday the 31st was definitely an exciting day on the Amador campus. 

Make sure to check out the fun and spooky photo album we put together for the holiday—you may even see someone you know!