Benefits of Community College

Sara Saguinetti and Chandni Prabhu

At Amador Valley and throughout the U.S., there is pressure for students to attend four year college as soon as they graduate. Many don’t consider another option that could possibly be more beneficial: community college. 

“It’s not always about the peer pressure. It’s more about what’s best for you,” said Anessa Tam (‘19).

Close to home, community college has the reputation of never being any graduating senior’s first choice, reasons being it’s too close to home or has a limited college experience. But that is far from the truth. Many students choose to enroll in community college for a variety of reasons, and more are planning to do so.

Professors teaching at community college are just as qualified as professors at four-year universities.

One benefit of community college is the rate of students transferring to a four year college. Students who attend community college for two years have a better chance of getting into a prestigious college as a transfer than others trying to be accepted as freshmen.

“It’s nice knowing that if you work hard in community college for two years, you have a really good chance of going anywhere. You don’t have to worry about running out of college options because there’s a better chance of getting in,” said Ivan Arzola (‘19).

Another reason students choose to go to community college is because of the low cost. By going to a local two-year college, students save thousands of dollars on what would normally cover housing, food, and other fees at a four-year university. After transferring, many students are less overwhelmed by their expenses.

“It helps me save a whole lot of money while I also get my degree from the school of my choice,” said Tam.

Many graduating seniors are choosing to attend community college in the fall.

Community colleges also want people to know that student life does exist on campus. Many have sports teams, clubs, and organizations just like a regular university does.

Additionally, professors at community college also are just as qualified as professors at other colleges. Though the requirement to teach there is a Master’s degree, many have PhDs and all have a plethora of knowledge and guidance.

While community college is not for everyone, it is a viable option. Don’t count it out when making a choice about the future.