WASC Visitation Was a Success Thanks to Hardworking Students and Staff!

Soumya Sahay and Katalina Garber

This past month, Amador was visited by a group of teachers and administrators from the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC). WASC is part of the Accrediting Commission for Schools in the USA, and is the accreditation system that all high schools and colleges must pass in order for their diplomas and degrees to mean something.

“The purpose of WASC is to make sure that every school in the nation graduates students with a diploma that is accredited and means something, and moreover, it’s a focused learning study where the school gets the chance to self-reflect and look at it’s program and how it’s serving students in order to make them better, and make adjustments,” said WASC co-coordinator Amanda Sharp.

In previous visitations, Amador has been reviewed and evaluated as successful, and has consistently been given a six year accreditation, which basically declares the school as a worthwhile education system that is successful in producing well-educated graduates.

This year, many people believe that Amador will one again receive a six year accreditation for its hard working staff, student body, and overall campus environment.

During the week, classrooms were visited, evaluating the overall academic and social environment here at AV.

Since the visit just wrapped up, I can say what they saw and I had hoped for said by the visiting chair: “You have highly qualified, competent teachers and your students are amazing”!  I love that part about our students because it is so true!” said WASC co-coordinator Mairi Wohlgemuth.

Lots of staff members worked many hours to make the WASC visitation as smooth as possible. Language teacher, Amanda Sharp and social studies teacher, Mairi Wohlgemuth were both co-coordinators of the event.

Both coordinators led staff development meetings, collected data and responses from staff/teachers, students, and parents, in order to write the 200+ page report. The report was submitted approximately six weeks before the planning of the physical visitation began.

“I’d like to thank the staff and students for doing such a great job on WASC. It was apparent how much work and pride we put into the report and visit and really cared how our school did. This campus rocks!” said Wohlgemuth.

Throughout the week, students were asked basic questions on their opinions involving the school. WASC members also sat in on different lessons in different classrooms to get a true feel for the school environment.  

Thank you to the catering class for cooking for our WASC visitors.

“I think what the WASC administrators are looking for from students and teachers is really just honesty, and what’s really going on with the student body. I think we deserve a six year accreditation because we have a really good academics, and while there’s always a negative side to every school, I believe that Amador doesn’t have as many as others do. In fact, while I was being interviewed by the panel, somebody who had recently moved schools brought up a really good point of how the classes here are a lot smaller, which is something I think we take for granted,” said Ivan Arzola (‘19).

Check back for more updates and a segment on our WASC report!! Go Dons!