Executing your Resolution to Exercise: How to do it and Why it’s important



Alexis Waiss and Aishni Jolly

Going into the month of February, many are still trying to follow their New Year’s resolutions. One of the most popular resolutions is exercising more, but then this idea usually gets abandoned within a short period of time. Some experts on campus have provided some input about easy ways to exercise more.

There are several cost-effective places people can go to workout, whether it is at the gym, a public area, or in one’s own home.

“Fitness 19 offers great deals to our students.  However, we have a free, beautiful Pleasanton Ridge…we have a beautiful sports park, so you don’t necessarily have to have a gym membership  to train, to make healthy choices, and to stay fit,” said Mary Scavone, one of Amador’s P.E. teachers.

Fitness 19
Throughout Pleasanton, there are many different gyms that offer the best exercise experience. One popular with many students is Fitness 19.

The exercises one does can be based on how fit a person is or inspired by the fitness goals one wants to achieve.

“Students should set a goal, a goal that’s attainable, and then perhaps maybe having an accountability partner.  There are fitness schedules students can go to online (and) their P.E. teachers could provide them with goals…While you’re setting your fitness goals, start small. Once you’ve succeeded in the first 21 days, maybe add in some nutrition goals, hydration goals,…add protein, little carbs,” said  Scavone.

However, there are also several students that have created their exercise goals without the help of a P.E. teacher or accountability partner.

“My goal is to try to exercise at least three hours a week, which isn’t a lot, then I want to progressively do more since I don’t want to do too much,” said Chloe Diamond (22’).

Some simple exercises P.E. teachers recommend include planks, curl ups, push ups, and more.  They also encourage students to participate in the Fun Run.

Pleasanton is filled with a variety of parks where many can use to exercise. The Pleasanton Sports Park is about 2.15 miles in length .

“The Pleasanton Fun Run is going to be available to everyone in Pleasanton on April 14th, and that’s something as a school we could start setting goals to maybe participate in that…because it benefits the Pleasanton school district…There is a 5K, there is a 9 mile course, and students can walk or run the Fun Run, and again it benefits our schools,” said,  Mrs. Scavone.

Many teachers and students agree on the importance of exercising.  One reason for this is because it can substantially improve one’s health and therefore make a person feel better.

“Exercise is so important because it improves your mental health, your physical health, longevity, it makes you more energetic throughout the day, it wakes up your endorphins, you feel better…The six components to good mental health are fitness, nutrition, rest, sunshine, socialization, and laughter,” said Mrs. Scavone.

Exercise can influence the wellbeing of someone not only at the present moment, but also in the future.

“It creates good habits for when you’re older and…it influences you makes you want to be healthier,” said Chloe Diamond (22’).

In addition, a lack of exercise can take a toll to one’s body.

Exersice can be very beneficial to health while a lack can take a toll on it.

“If you don’t exercise then you won’t be healthy, and you can become really unfit or overweight or won’t burn up calories, so they’ll just build up as fat in your body,” said Tanya Laberge (‘21).

It is known that many people feel reluctant towards exercising.  However, with the right workouts, a comfortable location, achievable goals, and some healthy habits, exercise has the potential to become a positive aspect in one’s life.

“I believe good health is a result of good balance in our lives. Good nutrition, Adequate Sleep, Positive relationships, Enjoyable hobbies, Spiritual disciplines and of course, plenty of Exercise,” said Dawn Silva, another known P.E. teacher at Amador.

Continue this year on a positive note and enjoy a little exercise!