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The student news site of Amador Valley High School


The student news site of Amador Valley High School


A Motivational Playlist to Overcome a Seasonal Slump

Aileen Hu

Transition out of winter break and back into your school-time rhythm with this steady-paced, motivational piano study playlist!








Thoughts by Marika Takeuchi

Start off the study session with an uplifting and peaceful piano piece to help you focus.

Dawning by Marika Takeuchi

Follow up with a gentler, playful piece that puts you in a positive mindset as you tackle your work.

Breathe Out by Marika Takeuchi

This piece’s steady rhythm and melody can keep you good company as you work through your to-do list.

Morning Light by Marika Takeuchi

As it’s name suggests, this is a soft and motivating piece that quietly plays in the background to help you maintain your pacing.

Daydream by Marika Takeuchi

This piece’s melody is still based in piano, but also incorporates some head-bobbing lo-fi beats to keep you focused.

Melding by Marika Takeuchi

Slower and softer, this is a motivating piece that reflects growth by gradually adding more instrumentals to give its melody more depth.

Evolve by Marika Takeuchi

This track sharpens your focus and begins increasing the pace as you immerse yourself in studying.

Closer by Marika Takeuchi

Don’t lose yourself in the work— this simple piece gives you some breathing room and will help you relax while working.

Missing Piece by Marika Takeuchi

This piece’s melody creates a comfortable rhythm for you to follow as your continue through your studies.

Found by Marika Takeuchi

Although gentler, this uplifting piece maintains the steady rhythm and keeps you motivated as you continue working.

First Light by Marika Takeuchi

This piece is encouraging and lighthearted, perfect for enhancing your focus as you reach halfway through a good hour of studying.

Colorful Mind by Marika Takeuchi

Following up next is a whimsical piece that’s both easy to work with and fun to listen to.

Cosmos by Marika Takeuchi

With a repetitive melody and steady rhythm, this piece helps you focus on the work at hand. 

Visionaries by Marika Takeuchi

This piece is soothing and uplifting, and gives you space to take a quick breather between your studying.

Reflecting by Marika Takeuchi

To slow down the tempo a bit, this piece is peaceful and comforting, with a melody reflective of its title.

Endless Thoughts by Marika Takeuchi

Faster-paced than before, this piece is motivating and gives you energy to continue working though your to-do’s.

Quiet Waves by Marika Takeuchi

This piece has a soft, motivating melody with a steady tempo to enhance your focus for the final minutes of the study session.

Driven by Marika Takeuchi

Bringing back some lo-fi beats, this piece has a melody that should have your foot tapping to the rhythm.

Motion by Marika Takeuchi

This piece resumes a slower pace that’s easy to put on loop and sharpen your focus for some late night work.

Night Time by Marika Takeuchi

Wrapping up the study session, this piece has a gentle but playful tune that ends the hour on a comfortable note.

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