AVHS Travels Around the World In The 2018 Winter Concert

Soumya Sahay, Page Editor

In December 2018, Amador Valley held the 2018 Winter Concert, featuring the AVHS choir, jazz band, string orchestra, and symphony orchestra.

This year’s winter concert theme was “Music From Around The World,” as the performances displayed songs from Ireland, Italy, Spain, England, India, France, Scotland, Orient, Austria, and Sarajevo.

The many students held signs that represented them. Laura Fasman (’19) is shown holding up a sign labeled ‘Jewish’.

The concert began at 7:30 PM with the AVHS concert and chamber choir singing “Ireland’s Call” by Phil Coulter. The song featured soloists Cyrus Berglin (‘19), Elliot Sicat (‘19), Nemuel Cabrales (‘22), Michael Steele (‘20), and Garion Nicado (‘19).

The choirs later made a statement with their cover of “Imagine” by John Lennon where they took the opportunity to shed light on the different types of people whom are in the choir. Students shared personal parts of their identity like their sexuality, race, and religion through words written on cardboard that were held up throughout the song.

The song ended on a powerful note when five students held up five cardboard signs that read out “Human,” showing unity after all the differences in the people were revealed.

In the end, a variety of students from different backgrounds held up a sign reading out ‘HUMAN’ to show in the end we are all united as one.

“I always enjoy learning new songs and hearing the result of all the sections coming together. My favorite song of the concert was “Imagine” because I really liked the message and the overall vibe of the song,” said Srihita Ramini (‘21).

The Jazz Band performed three beautiful songs at the concert that specifically highlighted their saxophone players. Alexander So (‘21) and Matthew Lim (‘21) both showed their sax talent as soloists.

The string orchestra ended their set list with “We Three Kings,” arranged by Matt Riley, in which Mica Wang (‘22) was a soloist. The concert hosts, Jielin Eeo (‘19) and Amita Haravu (‘19), revealed that the solo is very difficult to perform, but Mica pulled it off beautifully.

Alexander So (’21) playing sax at the event.

“She did so well! Her hand was going crazy when she was playing, and I could tell she worked really hard,” said Trisha Khattar (‘21).

This was also the first time that the orchestra has used the violin microphone that was donated by the AVHS PTSA. Wang was the first to use it in concert during her solo.

The symphony orchestra was the last to play in the concert, and they ended it on an incredibly strong and festive note with the traditional “Christmas Eve Sarajevo.” Overall, the 2018 Winter Concert was definitely a success!