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The student news site of Amador Valley High School


The student news site of Amador Valley High School


Accountability in action: House expels George Santos amid scandalous federal indictments

David Knox
While ousted, Santos can still enter the House floor and interact with current members, maintaining certain privileges as outlined by House rules.

In a remarkable turn of political events, New York’s Republican Rep. George Santos has been ousted from the US House of Representatives. This expulsion, only the sixth in the chamber’s history and the third since the Civil War unfolded with a resounding 311-114 vote.

“It’s crazy how someone we thought would represent the people turned out to be involved in all this. Makes you question who you can trust in politics,” said Agash Morekonda (‘24). 

Santos’s removal from the House stems from revelations of falsehood about his Jewish ancestry, career history, and educational qualifications. This, coupled with several federal indictments, turned his House tenure into a growing distraction and embarrassment for the Republican Party and the nation.

“Santos is a complete and utter joke. Honesty is paramount in political candidates. We demand accountability, and I’m relieved to see it taking root,” said New Jersey resident Ramesh Baichand. 

In a bid to salvage his political standing, Santos underscored the imperative of allowing the judicial proceedings to unfold before passing judgment. Amid calls for expulsion, he emphasized the need to let the court process play out and warned of the precedent set by expelling a member not yet convicted of a crime. 

“The evidence is substantial. Waiting for a guilty conviction might have been an option, so I understand Santos’ perspective,” said Foothill student Shiven Karnik (‘24). 

Santos’ fellow Republicans from New York led the charge to expel him, seeking to distance themselves from his scandalous conduct. The expulsion narrows the GOP’s majority to 221-213, and Democrats see an opportunity to fill the vacancy.

“The GOP must be in a tough spot now. Losing a member like that, it’s going be hard for them to keep everything together,” said Morekonda

While Santos has pleaded not guilty, he faces trial next year in New York on charges of duping donors, stealing campaign funds, and lying to Congress. With the GOP’s majority now hanging by a thread, the potential impact on legislative decisions has become a pressing concern for individuals in Pleasanton and nationwide. 

“This story has made it to mainstream news headlines. Hopefully, it sets a positive precedent for representatives, emphasizing that the people should always be at the forefront of democracy,” said Karnik

Numerous political analysts have highlighted the rarity and significance of Santos’ expulsion, deeming it a rare and momentous occurrence in congressional history that accentuates the weight of ethical transgressions and their repercussions. 

“It’s crucial that we stay informed and insist on better from our representatives. If he duped New York, who’s to say we won’t be next,” said Karnik

For many high school students on the brink of eligibility to vote, this unfolding saga serves as a tangible lesson in the critical significance of holding elected officials accountable in the real world.

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