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Squid Game: The Challenge first episode released on Netflix

Lauren Tran
On Nov. 22, five episodes of Squid Game: The Challenge were released on Netflix.

The “Squid Game” spinoff, “Squid Game: The Challenge”, is a reality competition that was released on Nov. 22. It features a series of challenges in which 456 participants compete for the chance to win $4.56 million.

Squid Game is a 2021 T.V. series where debt-stricken people in South Korea play games for a grand prize. Even though the stakes are high, many players have nothing to lose, so they compete to the death. The show features several twists, surprises, and heartbreaking moments as the players embark on each challenge.

Comparison to the original “Squid Game”

Since the spinoff series is a real-life challenge, the show doesn’t have much scripted dialogue. Instead, it features interviews, and zones in on players’ conversations. Focusing on specific players through each step of the challenge offers insight on their background, thoughts, and emotions. Which is a vital part of keeping the show interesting. It also captures bonds and friendships, as well as enemies and foes. 

While the prize goal remained the same, there were a few differences in the spinoff. The most prominent changes are the risks, players’ prior knowledge, and different challenges. First of all, the players do not die; they are simply eliminated from the game. Secondly, most, if not all, of the participants had prior knowledge of the games. Meaning that they already knew how to solve some of the challenges. Third, some of the challenges were different.

Although the risk is lowered, the stakes are still high. The prize money pits players against each other, creates tense moments, and generates conflict. So the show is still able to maintain audience engagement. 

Before the spin-off show was even released, critics argued that it went against the meaning of the original show. The original condemned capitalism and the unfair and disastrous ways players competed for money. On the other hand, the new show encouraged money-driven, ruthless actions, likely to make the show more interesting.


While the series is overall intriguing and exciting, some parts of the show moved slow and scenes were unnecessarily prolonged for “suspense”. However, the series does a pretty good job of employing their own twists, and the games seem structured and organized. Also, the characters were personable, the challenges were daunting, and the show seemed realistic.

Overall, the series has understandably received its fair share of bashing and criticism. But the effort that went into creating this show should not go unnoticed. The props are well-curated and set design to the intriguing sequences of events. The show’s team seems to have been diligent in turning this fictional series into reality.

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