New Flavors at the Dairy

Savana Sadler, Staff Writer

The Meadowlark Dairy is a Pleasanton classic. The Dairy has been a drive-through since it opened in July 1969, replacing the former drive-through dairy on Foothill Road.

Since the dairy has opened they have had chocolate, vanilla, dairy free orange, and dairy free strawberry. They also have seasonal flavors such as Pumpkin, Peppermint, and Eggnog, only available in the winter, and Pineapple which is only available in the summer. They also sell other products like a mini grocery store like lunch meat, snacks, condiments, and many more.

Recently, Dairy started selling temporary flavors that change weekly. So far they have had mint chip, s’mores, Oreo filling, cookies n’ cream, and salted caramel.

“Every week we get new flavors. We started with Mint Chip, then we went to s’mores, then cookies 

n’ cream, and now we have salted caramel. For every new flavor we order a limited amount, we get enough ice cream to hopefully last us a week, but we usually run out pretty fast,” says Hunter Faria, a Dairy employee.

The flavors are extremely limited because they have only had the four original flavors and had not made any changes. When they got new flavors, customers are always very excited to try them.

They only buy a weeks supply of the flavors and they usually run out in less than a week just because they’re new. Since the limited flavors are so popular they hope to keep the new flavors coming.

Amador students really enjoy the new flavors.

“Ihave been to the Dairy about 10 times in the past few weeks. I had to try all of the new flavors and Mint has definitely been my favorite. Oreo was a little too sweet for me and salted caramel was also delicious,” says Addyson Mapes (‘19).

“I’ve really been loving all the new flavors so far, my two favorites have been the Oreo filling and the mint. I really did not like the S’mores flavor it tasted like coconut, but I am extremely excited to try the Red velvet cake with a chocolate swirl,” says Abby Smith (‘19).

There will be 11 different limited flavors that will be coming and going: New York cheesecake, Marshmallow, Peppermint Patty, Toasted Coconut, Cookies and Cream, Mint Chocolate Chip, Nutella, Cookie Dough, Praline, Red Velvet Cake, and S’mores.

Due to the long lines almost always going down the street, it isn’t hard to tell that the limited flavors are a success. Stop by The Meadowlark Dairy to try the new up and coming flavors!