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The student news site of Amador Valley High School


Aloha Unleashed: A dazzling odyssey of colors, cheers, and excitement ignite the new school year

An introspective look at this year’s first official school rally
Max Kiyoi
Radiating the vibrant spirit of unity and excitement, members of the AV Leadership Team come together in their spirited Aloha Rally attire, capturing the essence of a memorable day

In a crescendo of colors and emotions, yesterday’s annual Aloha Rally swept through Amador Valley with vibrant hues of energy and enthusiasm. Amidst the fluttering flags and echoing cheers, this year’s rally not only celebrated school spirit, but also unfurled the vibrant tapestry of the new academic year.

“Since it is my first year at Amador, my expectation for the Aloha Rally is that I just would love to take it all in. I love the energy, I love the the spirit days, and I love the energy going on around campus,” said Amador Valley’s Operations Director Dwight Pratt.

This year, the rally field was graced by an array of captivating performances. From the energetic routines of the cheerleaders to the mesmerizing dance numbers of AV Dhamaka, students were treated to a spectacle that resonated with their Aloha-themed attire and accessories. The rally also highlighted the prowess of the AV Dance Team, whose synchronized moves had the crowd roaring in appreciation.

“It was amazing to see so many different clubs coming together to showcase their skills. The Bollywood performance was a standout; it really showcased the cultural importance of our school,” said Ativ Asarawala (’24).

Also, differing games, particularly the Don Squad’s musical chairs, injected a playful spirit into the proceedings. Yet, it was the ever-popular Mask Singer game that truly stole the show. With teachers taking the stage incognito and the crowd attempting to guess their identities, laughter and suspense filled the air.

“The excitement of the rally was great. I am a senior this year, so we finally got to sit by the field. It was a great atmosphere, and it looked like everyone had a great time,” said Nigel Purvis (’24).

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  • Capturing moments of excitement and camaraderie, members of the AV Dance Team pause for vibrant selfies.

  • In a burst of energy and synchronized grace, the dynamic cheerleaders captivate the crowd with their electrifying performance, infusing the Aloha Rally with a contagious spirit.

  • Captivating the crowd’s attention, this year’s hosts take the field, their voices filled with enthusiasm as they introduce a medley of exhilarating games to eager students.

  • An electrifying crescendo of rhythms set the field alive as students infuse the air with lively beats, igniting an exhilarating atmosphere as fellow students flood the field for the Aloha Rally.

  • Concluding their performance with flair, AV Dhamaka strikes a pose following their captivating fusion of Indian and Western melodies.

  • With harmonious notes still lingering in the air, band members swiftly pack up their instruments, signaling the exhilarating commencement of the Aloha Rally.

Behind the scenes, the Leadership team’s tireless dedication shone through. For the past three weeks, they meticulously planned and executed every aspect of the rally, aiming to create an event that would kindle the school’s spirit and set the tone for the coming year.

“We put a lot of thought and effort into crafting an engaging rally experience. It’s our way of welcoming students back and fostering a sense of belonging,” said AV Leadership team member Taylor Cohn (’25).

As the echoes of cheers and the discussions surrounding the rally continue to resonate around campus, one thing remains clear: the Aloha Rally is more than just an event; it’s a tradition that encapsulates the heart and soul of Amador Valley while intertwining the passion of students with the concept of community.

“My expectation for the whole year is for students to be proud of our school, continue to show their spirit, and create a community that celebrates diversity,” said Pratt.

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