Red Square attack: What do students need to know about the current state of the Russia-Ukraine conflict?


Anita Gautam

The Red Square in Russia is a historically and culturally significant landmark, known for its iconic architecture and as a symbol of national pride.

Despite the escalating conflict in Ukraine, there have been no significant reports of attacks on Russian soil; nevertheless, during the evening of May 4, a drone strike targeted the Kremlin, the official governmental square of Russia.

“I think this attack shows that this can quickly become a world problem. It is scary to imagine that now we are very close to repeated attacks on Russia and it will get a lot worse,” said Darya Novokhatskaya (’23).

Russian officials have stated that this attack aimed to assassinate Russian President Vladimir Putin. On the other hand, Ukraine and the rest of the western world has denied any involvement in the attack, with some claiming that the footage was doctored by Russian forces. 

”They have been talking about how Putin has now moved to a bunker. I think this is all becoming a very real situation for many who had no connection to the war before. I know many are worried about what the cities will look like after the attacks actually happen,” said an anonymous Russian high school teacher

The timing of the purported attack has stirred controversy regarding the authenticity of Russia’s alleged manipulation of the footage, as it coincided with Victory Day and the related parade, leaving the veracity of the event uncertain.

“I wouldn’t disagree with many sources about faking the attack if it was any other day. Everyone knows the importance of this day to the soviets. The parade means a lot to everyone. This is the memory of our family members. The video which is all over the internet now captures the decorations underneath. If this was our doing, the government went really low, ” said an anonymous Russian citizen living next to the Ukrainian border

Last year, Russia announced its commitment to refraining from initiating any attacks on May 9th, leaving us with uncertainties and speculations about the trajectory of the ongoing war. Amidst the waning recognition of its significance, such events serve as poignant reminders that people continue to suffer amidst the turmoil.