A historic alliance: What does AUCKUS mean for us and the world at large?


Zenil Koovejee

AUKCUS adds a new layer of geopolitical complexity to the maritime domain with the addition of nuclear submarine to Australia’s coast.

In the past couple of weeks, Australia, the United States, and the United Kingdom have strengthened their trilateral security pact (otherwise known as AUKUS) with President Joe Biden and Prime Ministers Anthony Albanese and Rishi Sunak deciding to include nuclear-powered submarines into the mix. 

The purpose of the AUCKUS Alliance lies not only in cooperating on the development of advanced technologies, but also in securing the Asia Pacific region from potent threats. 

“I think it is important for nations to have alliances with like minded countries,” said US History Teacher Mairi Wohlgemuth.

In order to deter Chinese military adventurism and maintain regional peace and prosperity, Australia plans to join hands with the US and UK in order to invest up to $368 billion over the next three decades in an arsenal of eight nuclear-powered submarines

“Historically, alliances have been used for military security. However, nowadays, they are designed more for economic security. Hopefully, this dynamic does not lead to excessive military use,” said Wohlgemuth

In addition, the three global partners hope that the AUCKUS Alliance serves as an opportunity for them to advance on the technological front — on aspects such as artificial intelligence, hypersonics, quantum computing, and more.

“I am personally excited to witness the technological benefits of the AUCKUS relationship. I hope it takes us far,” said Royce Oh (‘24).

Despite growing concerns over increased tensions, Biden, among others, have stressed the importance of this alliance for world peace, stability, and security. The impact of the alliance’s plan and strategy, however, will not take effect until 2050.

“Forging this new partnership, we’re showing again how democracies can deliver, how our own security and prosperity and not just for us, but for the entire world,” said Biden.