Downtown hosts “A Saxophone Spectacular” concert featuring Ricardo R. Martinez



The Pleasanton Community Concert Band’s spring concert, this time featuring saxophone player Ricardo R. Martinez, is one of its biggest shows of the year.

The Pleasanton Community Concert Band consists of local volunteer musicians, from students to retirees, with a passion for music. At the Firehouse Arts Center in Pleasanton, the band held an “A Saxophone Spectacular” concert. It was a free event and welcomed anyone interested in music.

“The Pleasanton Community Band’s Spring Concert blew me away. The PCCB’s passion and dedication shone through in their performance. It was clear that they care about music education and community involvement,” said event participant Leonardo Castillo.

The community band is a non-profit organization that promotes music education and community involvement through live performances. The band has a dedicated volunteer team that works behind the scenes to organize these events. Thus the volunteers coordinate with guest musicians, arrange rehearsals, and promote the concert to the community.

“It was inspiring to see Pleasanton’s community band’s dedication to music education and community involvement. As a fellow musician, I appreciate their hard work and commitment to their craft,” said Amador Valley band student Sarah Yang (‘26).

The band played a variety of compositions at the concert, including classical and jazz pieces. In addition, there were musicians playing piano, harp, and string bass. Each musician added variety to the show, making the event more unique and enjoyable.

“The musicians in the concert were magnificent. Their passion for music really showed. It was an exciting experience, I’m glad I was able to come,” said Castillo.

Furthermore, the highlight of the concert was the performance by guest artist Ricardo Martinez, who is known for his exceptional skills on the saxophone. Martinez was accompanied by the entire Pleasanton Community Concert Band. 

“The energy and vibes of the concert were great. I really loved the atmosphere there. It just seemed like everyone was having a good time,” said event participant Mae Singh.

The PCCB hosts several concerts throughout the year. However, their Spring Concert is one of their biggest events. It was a brilliant concert featuring Ricardo Martinez, and his saxophone was the highlight of the show.