Women’s History Month: How is it celebrated both locally and globally?


(Provided by AVJ)

A group of female students from AVJ pose for a photograph to commemorate International Women’s Day, celebrating and acknowledging the invaluable contributions of women in society.

During the month of March, people around the world celebrated Women’s History Month, a month-long festivity that pays homage to the achievements and contributions of women. The commemoration serves as a reminder of the remarkable strides made by women in various fields and the undoubtable mark they have left on the world.

“I do not really do anything to celebrate [Women’s History Month], but I do remember the important women that led to our freedom of speech and voting. Their hard work is why the US is where it is today,” Anika Aeka (‘24).

Women have achieved unprecedented progress in recent times, making significant political and social strides. Notably, in the last five years, Kamala Harris became America’s first female Vice President. In the past couple of weeks, she too has emphasized the symbolic significance of this month-long celebration.

When you lift up the economic status of women, you lift up the economic status of families and communities, and all of society benefits,” said Vice President Kamala Harris.

Amador students marked Women’s History Month with diverse activities. Some students learned about significant women through AVtv, while others engaged in conversations highlighting women’s importance in society. Additionally, some history classes featured lessons that delved into the history of this commemoration.

“India doesn’t celebrate Women’s History Month per se, but they have made several strides for women equality as far as I know. More stories of empowerment are being spread to others, which I think is very important as if these stories aren’t told then progress can’t be made,” said Aarav Kakad (‘24)

Global celebrations take on various forms depending on culture and country. These include marches, conferences, exhibitions, lectures, and social media campaigns that highlight women’s achievements and advocate for gender equality.  Also, many people find inspiration and motivation from music that highlights women’s strength, resilience, and achievements.

“My favorite song artist is Lauryn Hill because she is probably one of the best music writers of today. She definitely made a big impact for women and women of color as well,” said Rishika Das (‘23).