Students cause problems at Pleasanton Library


Eva Grove

Many students go to the Pleasanton Library after school to meet with friends or find a quiet place to study.

Eva Grove, AVT Page Editor

On Thursday, January 19, a fight broke out between two Pleasanton Middle School (PMS) students in front of the Pleasanton library. While serious fights are rare, problems with students at the Pleasanton library are increasing at an alarming rate. The PMS administration has taken steps to remedy the situation at hand. 

“Specifically on January 19, we sent a Vice Principal to the City Library upon being notified. Administration proceeded to investigate by interviewing participants and witnesses. This included viewing available video to identify behaviors and participants,” said PMS principal Joe Nguyen. “Administration issued discipline consistent with CA Education Code for participants and any bystanders who encouraged the violence.”

After school, many PMS students go to the library either to get picked up by parents, continue downtown, or meet with friends. This creates potential distractions for individuals who use the library as a quiet study space.

“I go to the library quite often. Middle schoolers tend to use the library as a social pace to chat and not quite study. [It] makes it hard for high schoolers who need a quiet place to study to concentrate,” said Isabel Jung (’25).

The City of Pleasanton has also taken action to create a safe environment for both middle school students. They strive to ensure complete safety for each and every student.

“The City of Pleasanton is working collaboratively with the Pleasanton Unified School District on ways to engage positively with students inside the library. As part of a pilot program tentatively beginning in March, PUSD will provide staff members to offer tutoring inside the library from 3pm to 5pm. There’ll also be a site administrator to connect with students. The City will provide Recreation Leaders during these same hours to offer more active options for students,” said Nick Binzoni, Pleasanton Librarian.

The PMS administration made come changes inside their campus, too. Shortly after the incident, office staff made their way around classrooms during school hours to address the importance of P.R.I.D.E: Perseverance, Respect, Integrity, Discipline, and Excellence. 

“Students have been informed and will continue to be informed that per CA Education Code, the school has jurisdiction when students are walking to and from school,” said Nguyen