Juniors celebrate Masquerade Night Prom


Zaynah Shah

The 2023 Junior Prom venue at the Oakland Scottish Rite Center was chosen last year by AV leadership.

Aileen Hu, AVT Editor

The 2023 Junior Prom took place on Saturday, Feb. 25, 2023 at the Oakland Scottish Rite Center. Tickets began selling in early February, but from choosing the venue to scheduling activities, AV leadership started planning much earlier.

“When looking for a venue, we mainly wanted somewhere that could accommodate a variety of activities. We wanted space for food, dancing, karaoke, games, and other activities all within the venue. We also wanted the venue to have an open feel,” said Kacie Hu (‘24), junior class president.

This year’s event theme was a Masquerade Night. Although students weren’t required to treat it as a masquerade ball, some students brought half-masks to match the venue’s decor.

“The theme was really driven by the venue we chose. The Scottish Rite Center has very medieval, majestic features like granite columns and ornate details on the walls. The entire vibe of the venue really helped narrow down our theme to a general area,” said Hu.

Due to the recent rains, many students worried that the weather would affect prom. Fortunately though, the weather was dry, and students were able to enjoy the night to its fullest.

“I didn’t really know what to expect for the event, but the weather was alright and the venue was a lot nicer than I thought it would be. And I’d say the best part was either the bread from dinner or the karaoke in the gambling room,” said Brandon Huynh (‘24).

The main activities at the event were dancing, taking photos, playing games, and singing. Many students tried their hand in betting games for the first time as they weaved between the many activities.

“It was really lively in the karaoke and game room because that’s where most people were. I wished they had more than one photo booth like they did at homecoming, though. It got really crowded there and the line was really long,” said Evan Pruss (‘24).

Both AV juniors and their guests were able to experience various activities and enjoy themselves in a semi-formal setting. Mingling with friends and peers only made the night all the more lively and memorable.

“Honestly prom was way better than I expected. The venue was so gorgeous and beautiful and it was so perfect for taking photos with my friends. I really enjoyed prom because I basically knew everyone there since everyone, one way or another, had grown up together,” said Aishwarya Anburaja (‘24).

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  • Students gathered with their friends as they waited to board the buses after checking in.

  • At the venue, there was a game and karaoke room, where students could jump from activity to activity.

  • Many students tried their hand at some betting games, learning the rules from the dealer and playing with their peers.

  • Constantly flooded with bright lights, the dance room set the partying mood while the DJs kept the music going throughout the night.

  • The dance floor was never empty as students partied with their friends and peers.

  • One of the liveliest areas at the venue was the karaoke corner in the game room.