Amador teachers share their prom photos

Heaven Boren, Staff Writer

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  • Band Director Jon Grantham drove to his prom early in order to avoid his classmate’s gazing eyes and comments on him and his date’s outfits as they walked into the venue.

  • At Vice Principal Melanie Harris’s school, there wasn’t a prom, but they did have a winter formal where the guys would dress up in suits or sweater vests instead of tuxedos.

  • Kyra Britto drove to prom in a limo with a group of friends. Here’s her posing near her ride with her prom date.

  • Math teacher Nicole Louie went to prom at the Casa Real, a venue here in Pleasanton.

  • At Peter Robbins’ school dance professional shots came with the ticket and were taken when they walked in. He says dance tickets were much cheaper back then.

  • Phillip Becker, a Physics and Earth Science teacher, poses with his date before his senior ball.

  • Social studies teacher Robert Palmer attended his wife’s senior ball. Here they are dressed up and posing together.

  • English teacher Stephanie Kamali went to prom near a lake. Here she poses with two of her closest friends from high school. They are still close friends today.