How to host the best Super Bowl party – tips from Amador teachers and students


Joseph Chiu

Students and teachers enjoy watching the Super Bowl at parties with food, drinks, and entertainment throughout the game.

Joseph Chiu, AVT Sports Editor

With Super Bowl Sunday coming up on Feb. 12, many families and friends expect to host parties from home. Amador students and teachers offer some tips and suggestions for throwing the best Super Bowl party this weekend. 

The essential key to hosting a successful Super Bowl party is to make it one’s own. Students suggest making it as engaging as possible while implementing one’s own changes to suit different interests and groups of people. 

“My friends like to bet on different parts of the game like who might make a big play or who might win. Instead of doing prizes, we might have punishments or just use these mini-games as bragging rights. Everyone tries really hard to predict the most things correctly,” said Daniel Beckley (‘23)

Football-themed festivities before the game help build up excitement and energy. Putting up decorations on the walls or hosting fun little activities boosts overall guest engagement. 

“I get some chips and salsa, sit down, and watch the game. Usually, I play a quick pickup football game with some of my friends before we watch the game. (We also put up) balloons, banners, stuff like that,” said Aarav Kakad (‘24).

Food and drinks are another essential aspect of Super Bowl parties, which should be prepared several hours before the game. Those trying their hand at homemade dishes can check out this video of simple and tasty recipes provided by Amador teachers. 

“We try to make a variety of food. It could be anything from wings to a side dish of mac and cheese, burgers, whatever you want. We just try to put up a good menu where we have a different variety for the people that come over,” said physical education teacher Diana Hasenpflug

Super Bowl parties typically feature a potluck format, where hosts ask guests to bring their own dish to share with others. Easy accessibility for eating and drinking will make for a successful party. 

“The food is usually set on a side table so they can come and choose whatever they want. I think it kind of calms the nerves and gets you into relaxation mode, and people are ready to watch the game. People relate to celebrations or gatherings with food and drinks,” said Hasenpflug