Caught in the act: Representative George Devolder Santos


Zenil Koovejee

George Santos is the son of immigrants and campaigned on improving the quality of life for everyone in New York’s Third Congressional District.

In recent weeks, Representative George Santos (R-NY3) has faced severe backlash due to his alleged misuse of campaign funds and widespread fraud, including the fabrication of details about his personal and financial background.

“George Santos is stuck between a rock and a hard place. In a first world country, things like this should not happen,” said Ativ Asarawala (‘24).  

More specifically, Santos has faced criticism for having made numerous false or dubious claims about his biography, work history, financial status, and religion in public and private. Six weeks after his election victory, numerous news outlets reported that large parts of his self-published biography appeared to be fabricated, including false claims about his ancestry, education, employment, charity work, property ownership, and crimes of which he claimed to be a victim.

“It is wrong to lie, especially when it comes to who governs our country,” said New Jersey resident Ramesh Baichand.

Particularly, Santos has claimed that his grandparents were Holocaust survivors who escaped to Belgium in the duration of World War II. However, many investigative reporters have contradicted his family background with an abundance of genealogy records.

“It is sad what the world has come to. The lies feel like we are moving backwards,” said Foothill High student Shiven Karnik (‘24)

In response, Representatives from both sides of the aisle have called for Santos’ resignation with immediate effect, citing that his false claims misled voters (and thus nullified his moral right to office). However, Republican leaders, such as Speaker Kevin McCarthy, have refused to condemn Santos under the veil of a speakership position in the new Congress (without Santos, McCarthy would not have been selected). 

“[Republicans] just want the majority. But, I understand their perspective. They want to forward their agenda and they need all the votes they can get. It is all politics,” said Foothill ASB Club Coordinator Akash Goda (‘24)

Despite allegations of misconduct and deceptive claims, Santos has still assumed the mantle of a Congressional representative without any rebuke from the leadership within his political affiliation. Many claim that this is indicative of the current political landscape in the US and the future remains shrouded in an ominous veil of uncertainty.