How to get yourself ready for your driver’s test: Best options for AV students


Mathew Dickman

The closest DMV to Amador is on 6300 W Las Positas Blvd. Students will have to make at least two visits to a DMV to earn their driver’s license.

With the turn of the new year, numerous students will begin their journey to earn their driver’s licenses. Nevertheless, the many steps, procedures, and assessments are often overwhelming, especially to the uninformed.

“I wasn’t really thinking about driving until we got back to school. A couple of friends had told me that they got a driver’s permit. I guess I need to worry about getting that now,” said Arush Mehta(‘25).

Students can acquire their learner’s permit once they’re 15 ½-years-old. They must complete a driving education course and CA Driver’s License Application, and schedule an appointment at the DMV. There are two DMVs near Amador, one on Las Positas Blvd and the other at Stoneridge Mall. 

“Driver’s Ed online was pretty boring, but it got it out of the way. It’s mostly basic knowledge that already makes sense if you watch your parents drive,” said Steven Arguello(‘23).

At the DMV, you will need to have proof of identification and the driver’s education certificate of compilation. They then must pass a vision test and get at least 80% on a multiple-choice test based on the education course and California Driver Handbook

“I went to the DMV feeling prepared, but I failed my vision test. It was because I forgot my glasses, though, but I still had to go home,” said Arguello. 

Permits allow students to drive when accompanied by a licensed guardian over the age of 25. Before taking the behind-the-wheel driving test, students must practice for at least 50 hours. That includes at least 10 hours at night, and six with a trained driving instructor. 

“The behind-the-wheel lessons were really cool. The guy came to my house with a car and I hopped in. I didn’t practice much beforehand but my instructor was cool about it. Our conversations were pretty causal, too,” said Ryan Moses(‘23).

You can take your behind-the-wheel driving test when you’re at least 16 and have completed your driving training. To take the test, you need to bring your own car, a licensed adult, your permit, and the vehicle’s insurance.

“For the liscense test I went to the Stoneridge DMV. I was playing music when the guy testing me got in. He just asked a few questions. I didn’t get a single point off after we were driving. It wasn’t stressful at all, we were vibing,” said Moses.