AVtv 1-19-2023

Today is our 20th show of the year and we have some important announcements about Donversity, Peer Tutoring, Opportunities to be in the Yearbook and Schedule Changes.


We also have 3 great segments today:

  • Elective Fair 2023  
  • Dining With the Dons: Dumpling Time
  • Rain Causes Havoc

Here are the emails & bit.ly’s you’ll see in today’s show:

Senior Resources on Counseling Website: bit.ly/3w8QLUr

Sign up for Outdoor Ed: bit.ly/3ALT01d

PUSD Virtual Financial aid Presentation: tinyurl.com/financialvideospusd

Senior’s Financial Aid: bit.ly/3iHLH5m

Counselor Evaluation Request Form: bit.ly/3GiOE61

Counseling Webinar Slides: bit.ly/3NtdX6Q