Baking and culinary classes compete in cupcake wars


Katy Clark

Students prepare their frosting by putting it into a bag. This took teamwork and many helping hands.

On the Friday before Halloween, the Baking and Pastry Class celebrated the minimum day by baking Halloween-themed cupcakes, competing in groups to bake the best cupcakes.

“Each group is trying to make a different cupcake, and we are going to decorate it with a Halloween theme.It is a very fun activity. All the groups are doing very spooky decorations and it is a fun way for the class to have some competition,” said Sebastian Diligent (‘24).

Groups worked all week, with one full day of planning, the block period to make their cupcakes, and their class period on Friday to finish up their decorating. 

“(The inspiration) were the students. They were super excited. I gave them the option between doing a Halloween potluck or cupcake wars and they all wanted to do cupcake wars, said Baking and Pastry Teacher Julia Ford.

Some of the groups stuck with basic Halloween colors to decorate their cupcakes while other groups thought outside the box for their themes, creating spiders, graveyards, monsters, and other spooky things.

“We were inspired to model our cupcakes around Halloween because it is the last day before the Halloween weekend. Our cupcake is vanilla and we put cookie dough inside it and it is going to be chocolate frosting that looks like a spider,” said Sabrina Lazzarato (‘23).

Students used sweet ingredients in order to make their creations, putting their art skills to the test. They chose different colored frostings, oreos, and other ingredients to create eyes, facial features, and objects to add to their theme. 

“We have chocolate coffee cupcakes with chocolate cream cheese frosting, and we are going to do a cemetery-like ghost type of design on it. We are going to use oreos, and it is going to be really spooky, and hopefully we get the win,” said Diligent.

Due to the minimum day having shorter periods, official judging had to be postponed to the next week to allow the students enough time to finish their cupcakes. After the judging, the first annual Halloween cupcakes wars will come to a close.

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  • Cupcakes sit in the back of the class after being completed. The cupcakes are Halloween themed and the red frosting looks like blood.

  • Baking students work on frosting their desserts, a task that requires focus and precision.

  • A student places all of her team’s finished cupcakes on a plate.

  • One cupcake each from many teams sits together on a paper plate in the back of the classroom. Each one is unique, but sticks to the Halloween theme.

  • One group styles their cupcake based on a monster. They used chocolate frosting and sprinkles with eyes on top to create the face.

  • The cupcakes have just been completed with the teams adding their final touches to the frosting. The teams paid attention to detail in their design to create a final work that reflected many aspects of the Halloween theme.