TUPE hosts Red Ribbon Week before Halloween


Katy Clark

Students sign the pledge wall, which presents the 2022 slogan “Celebrate life. Live drug free.”

TUPE (Tobacco Use Prevention Education) helped lead a week of activities to celebrate Red Ribbon Week from Oct. 24 to 28. Red Ribbon Week began in 1985 at Calexico Union High School in memory of Enrique Camanera, who was killed trying to limit illegal drug activity.

“Red Ribbon week is important because it brings awareness to drugs and alcohol and the risks involved in using those things and it helps to get kids to live drug free and find other things that are healthy. It helps kids to let them know what the risks are and let them make their own decisions while being informed, said TUPE advisor Dawn Silva.

TUPE is an organization found at many schools, which try to spread awareness about drug and tobacco use. With the recent “vaping epidemic” trend among high school students and young adults,  TUPE works to inform students about the consequential effects of vaping while creating interactive activities for students.

“My grandmother smokes and has COPD(Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease), so I thought by joining TUPE, I could help prevent that happening to students at Amador,” said TUPE member Elizabeth Hahn (‘23).

On Monday, TUPE members handed out red ribbons to kick off the week. Red symbolizes the fight against drugs, inspired by  Camenara’s loved ones who started to wear red satin after his death. Many posters could also be seen around campus, donning this year’s slogan “Celebrate Life, Live Drug Free.”

“(TUPE) met multiple times during access. Wednesday we organized all the supplies. Some of the group got together on Sunday to hang ribbons around the school,” said Hahn.

On Tuesday, TUPE tried to raise awareness about their Instagram where they post statistics and anti-drug sentiment to try to influence teens to lead a clean, healthy life. The next day, students and teachers wore red in the fight against drugs.

“I didn’t see a lot of people wearing red. I do wish more people had participated in showing their support against drugs,” said Hahn.

On Thursday, TUPE held a lunch event  in front of the B and C buildings. Blaring music from the speakers to attract more people, they set up  a prize wheel where students learned facts about the consequences of drugs and tobacco in exchange for prizes. Students also could try out the drunk goggles that simulated the experience of being under the influence. 

“This is a really fun way to spread awareness because they have the posters up and the glasses are giving a sense of what it is to be under the influence of drugs, and I think it is a really cool way to spread influence,” said Parvathiramesh Iyer (‘24). 

Students and teachers could also sign the pledge wall to swear off drugs, with many signatures seen on the white poster paper after the event.

“The pledge wall during red ribbon week is to promise to be off of drugs and live a clean healthy life. It has been great. We have had a lot of people coming for stickers and prizes, answering questions, trying the drunk goggles. It is really fun,” said TUPE student Karina Badger.

On the minimum day, TUPE didn’t hold any events, but asked everyone to have a safe Halloween weekend to round off Red Ribbon Week.

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  • Elizabeth Hahn runs the prize wheel where people can earn prizes and learn about the consequences of taking drugs.

  • TUPE members use signs and balloons to encourage people during lunch to sign the pledge wall.

  • Students in TUPE set up a table during lunch to teach their peers about the consequences of drug use.