Food Review: Two Hands Corn Dogs

Critic’s rating: 4.5/5


Aileen Hu

Two Hands Seoul Fresh Corn Dogs recently opened in Fallon Gateway and specializes in making rice flour corndogs.

Wrapped in rice flour batter and fried into a crispy snack, Korean corndogs have been rising in popularity. Many restaurants have begun including them in their menus and pairing them together with other snacks such as mochi donuts. However, there haven’t been many places that specialize specifically on corndogs, until Two Hands Seoul Fresh Corndogs opened a new store in Fallon Gateway on September 17. 

Inside the shop, the sound of frying oil fills the room. Scanning the interior, you pinpoint the source of the sizzling: the open kitchen behind the cashier. With the window spanning spanning the wall, customers waiting for their order can watch the chefs prepare their snacks from battering, to frying, and seasoning. 

What’s more, not only does Two Hands have a variety of options on their menu, but customers can also choose their own preferred combinations of filling and toppings. 

One of the shop’s popular menu items is the Two Hands Corn Dog ($4.49), the house special. It’s a savory dish, fried crisply and drizzled with the store’s signature sweet ranch sauce. The dish may not appear impressive at first glance, but its unique seasoning gives it a creative twist, especially when paired with the half-mozzerella and half-sausage filling.

Another dish that is distinctively Two Hands’ is their Injeolmi Corn Dog ($4.49). After being fried as per usual, the corndog is rolled in roasted soy bean powder (as its namesake, the injeolmi rice cake, suggests) and topped off with a drizzle of sweetened condensed milk. It’s sweet on the outside, but still goes well with salty cheese and sausage fillings.

Of course, there are also more standard items on the menu, such as the K-Classic ($4.49) and Potato Corn Dog ($4.49), but the Crispy Rice Corn Dog ($4.49) makes for another notable option to try. Covered in rice crisps, the corndog is even crispier that your average fried rice flour treat and is finished with a light dusting of sugar with an addition of some ketchup and mustard. The condiments can be adjusted with individual orders, so the final dish can be varied to suit customers’ tastes.

Finally, there are the sides. There’s the Kimchi Fries and Elote, but Two Hands’ most popular side would be the Dirty Fries ($4.49), which are actually tater tots seasoned with the shop’s signature “dirty sauce” and spicy cheetos powder. Fresh and tasty, the dish can go with and enhance any order.

Two Hands Corn Dogs’ new store has been well received by many thanks to their various possible menu combinations. From stretchy mozzarella fillings to crunchy yet chewy outsides, and even their upcoming plant-based sausage filling, their creative menu will gradually expand the shop’s reach as Two Hands continues attracting new customers to their amiable eatery.

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  • Two Hands Seoul Fresh Corn Dogs recently opened in Fallon Gateway and specializes in making rice flour corndogs.

  • Two Hands constantly tries to put creative twists into their recipes so that they can enhance the savory treat and expand their reach.

  • Their customizable menu makes it easy for customers to order something that suits their tastes best.

  • The frying station is right behind the cashier, and thanks to the lengthy display window, customers can watching the whole cooking process.

  • Each dish is seasoned carefully so that there’s a hint of sweetness, lots of savory, and sometimes, a tad bit of spice to top it all off.