Amador holds annual Homecoming Rally with a centennial twist


Zenil Koovejee

Camden Nauroth (’24) shows off his cowboy hat in the game of iSpy.

Gigi Zhang, AVTV Show Producer

The annual Homecoming Rally took place last Friday between third period and lunch. From the surprise homecoming proposal to the battle of the class floats, many efforts were put into the rally weeks prior to the event. 

“So the first week I got in contact with Mr. Nelson and made sure the field was available for that day. I reached out to the people who could perform for the rally. Since this is the Homecoming Rally, it is also where we will announce the winners for the homecoming court,” said leadership student Caydence Likeness (‘25).

The homecoming theme this year was a Red Carpet Movie Premiere. With each class assigned to a different movie, all the decorations and script writing were aligned with the theme. 

“Decorations take a very very long time since each poster we have is hand made by leadership students in the classroom. Each poster takes an average of 15 to 20 minutes to make. We also had floats this year and they were made after school,” said Likeness

Homecoming floats replaced the traditional homecoming skits this year. The float themes for each class matched each grade’s homecoming theme. In addition to the leadership students, the performers also spent a great deal of time in preparation. 

“I am a captain on both the Dance and Bollywood teams. We prepared for the rally two to three weeks in advance while teaching about 20 to 30 members the choreography and setting up the formation,” said Dwani Shetty (‘22)

Cheerleaders, dancers, marching band members, and drumline players all prepared themselves and their team members both physically and metally for the big day. 

“We boost the team’s confidence since performing in front of the school can be scary. We practice every day after school and in the morning on the field on the week of the rally,” said Shetty.

The variety of acts at the rally highlighted the various groups on Amador’s campus that students can participate in and become more engaged with the student body.

“The rally was good. I really liked the Bollywood Dance team’s performance and the effort they put into their part of the rally” said Danny Park (‘26).