Competition civics team gears up for new year


Photo provided by Albertine Combs

The Competition Civics team visits Berkeley for their first case study session with their teacher and coach Stacey Sklar (right).

Since the start of the school year, Amador’s Competition Civics team has been dedicated to learning the ins and outs of the Constitution. The team is currently going over a brief overview of each unit to compile a mock testimony for future competitions.

 Diligent and motivated, they are willing to put in the work in order to succeed in their respective units.

“I think we’re all super motivated and excited to work towards the national title…we’re constantly debating on political dilemmas, and I think the class environment is super nice,” said Charline Apard (‘23).

They plan to prepare for the competitions to the best of their abilities, which means a lot of hard work and careful planning.

“Working, studying, and preparing well in advance is going to help us be prepared for the oncoming competitions…also taking a lot of feedback from Miss Sklar, the case advisors, and alumni,” said Vannoni (‘23).

Last year’s team utilized the same strategy- hard work and careful planning- that led them to victory during the national We the People competition.

“I don’t know if we did anything differently per se, but somehow the combination of good people coming together in cohesive units, working really hard on the material, really helped us win that title,” said Sklar.

The team has full faith in their teachers and mentors to guide them through the course and to ensure that they are as well prepared as possible to compete on a national level.

“I have no doubt in Ms.Sklar. She has led a lot of national champions, and overall we have great resources here at Amador,” said Apard.

Miss Sklar has faith in the Comp Civics team as well. She advises them to stay motivated and most of all, to forge deep bonds with each other.

“Keep on getting along with each other as nicely as I’ve seen you do so far. This team seems particularly good at bonding together outside of class, so keep on doing that too,” said Sklar.

The team has many hopes and aspirations for the year, but perhaps none trump the ultimate goal of competing in the nationals and possibly becoming champions.

“Qualifying for nationals would be a huge accomplishment for our team…my goal is to get to nationals this year, and to learn as much as I can along the way,” said Vannoni.

Many members in the team believe that Competition Civics is a great opportunity for them to develop their understanding of the American government, and to find other people that possess the same love for this subject as they do. 

“Having people care about something you care about, and to see so many different perspectives on various topics as well as the insight people bring in during conversations, means a whole lot,” said Apard.