2022 AV Pigskin and Home Game Makes Lifetime Memories for the Purple Stands


Jocelyn Hsu

AV Don Squad raises the AVHS flag to show Amador school spirit as they hype up the crowd.

Amador Valley’s first home game showed great spirit on the night of Friday, Sept. 16, winning the game at a score of 38-10. Students, parents, and Pleasanton residents decked out in purple and gold packed the stands. 

Gearing Up

The football team started preparing for the game a few weeks in advance with practice four days a week and away games on Fridays. The past week’s extreme heat derailed practices, but the players still worked hard together before playing against Granada. 

“It’s going to be a very competitive game for both Varsity and JV, and we expect that they’re going to bring their energy and enthusiasm. We have to have an athleticism and we have to match that energy and that enthusiasm with our own efforts,” said head football coach Christopher Murphy before the big game. 

Playing at a home game gives the Amador players both the advantage of crowd support but also more pressure to win.

“It’s definitely more pressure because you have the whole school looking at you, but it is an advantage to have a home game field. You have the noise. You have everything,” said Anthony Marchand (‘23), AV Varsity Football center and linebacker. 

Seniors admitted that a successful Pigskin game is not only about the effort the football team puts in but also a combination of the attendees’ involvement. Coaches expected the game to make great memories for the team.

“I hope that the kids take advantage of this opportunity to go out in front of the community and show what we’re capable of as a team. It’s just a great opportunity for the kids to go out and play in front of all their friends and family, and it makes for great memories that’s going to last a lifetime,” said Murphy.

The Amador Marching Dons also made great efforts to prepare for the pre-game performance and halftime show, practicing three times a week.

“It will be really exciting this season. We’re actually progressing faster than before. I’m going to enjoy it because football games are exciting. There’s a big sense of community,” said Tho Nguyen (‘23), first chair clarinet soloist.

While having Pigskin as the first out of only four home games this year surprised the Amador community, they expected larger and more enthusiastic crowds in the stands as a result. 

“Cheering at a home game is a lot more spirited because a lot more people show up. Our stands are bigger, and it’s completely full. It’s really nice to have a large audience versus when it’s like an away-game where it’s mostly parents,” said varsity cheer team flyer Madelyn Zhang (‘24)

The Big Game

Freshmen who attended the Pigskin Game enjoyed the feeling of belonging to the AVHS community at such a large game in high school.

“This is my first year watching the Amador home game. I like it. It’s fun (and)) very entertaining and I got to wear (purple and gold) tutus. I will be here next year 100%,” said Paige Huffman (‘26).

Other freshmen like marching band flutist Klara Grant (‘26) expressed their enthusiasm for the game and were impressed by the motivation of the players on the field.

“I think (the football team) has really high energy which I really like. They have a really positive attitude and they are trying very hard. I think the spirit was really good and everyone was really happy,” said Grant.

Many parents also purchased tickets to be a part of the purple pits and channeled the Don spirit in the stands.

“What we enjoyed most about Pigskin at Amador is the community spirit and the pride everybody has in the school, and that’s really a fun way to kick off football season,” said parent Katie Moe, as she watched the game. “I am expecting that the Dons win! We’re winning now, but I would like to see us score more points!”

Members of the marching band felt a sense of pride seeing their hard work showcased to the audience. 

“After the halftime performance, I felt very happy with what we presented to the school. Even though I was tired and out of breath from playing so loud, I would say that it was definitely worth it and that I wouldn’t trade this experience for anything else,” said trumpet player Nathan Lee (‘24).

Despite all having different roles on the field, participants can say that it has been an unforgettable highschool experience. 

“Playing football on Friday night is a special memory, so it’s a great thing to go out and play. We got the band and the community here. It’s a memory that stays forever,” said Murphy.

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  • AV Varsity Football players stay alert as they await their turn to join the game on the field.

  • The AV Varsity Cheer Team performs a small competition for the audience to see who can stand in High V’s the longest.

  • AV Football Team players prepare to make an entrance as they charge onto the field through the blown-up helmet.

  • Amador’s community of parents and students showed up in the stands to show their spirit and support.

  • The AV stands were packed with splashes of purple and gold spirit.

  • Paige Huffman (‘26) goes all out to show school spirit. She has on a water polo shirt, an Amador bracelet, an Amador tattoo, sunglasses, and her purple and gold tutu.

  • AV students shine their phone flashlights to encourage the Amador football team during the game.

  • Marching band play pep tunes beside the football track, with touch down and first down tunes to hype up the crowd.