Seniors spend the day at Hurricane Harbor for Senior Picnic


Parth Mishra

The most popular ride at Hurricane Harbor was the Lazy River.

Parth Mishra, AVRadio Editor

Last Friday, the class of 2023 went to Hurricane Harbor in Concord for their Senior Picnic. The event marked the first major school event planned and hosted by the school for this year’s seniors.

“I was pretty excited for this picnic just because we would get to miss school on a Friday. Three-day weekends are always great, and being able to hang out with friends is even better.” said Sabrina Lazzarato (‘23).

Seniors from several other high schools, including Foothill and Cal High, were also spending their day at the venue. AV seniors were excited to spend the day with friends from other schools, or even to meet and befriend new people.

“It’s cool to see all the schools out in the park enjoying their senior year together.” said Josh Asturias (‘23).

There were a plethora of activities to partake in at Hurricane Harbor, but among the most sought-after activities were high-thrill rides such as the Big Kahuna and the Hurricane Slide Complex. The ride that trumped them all was no doubt the Lazy River: a scenic route through the “coolest neighborhoods” in Hurricane Harbor, filled with visitors atop swim rings.

“The best thing about Hurricane Harbor was probably the Lazy River. It was a relaxing end to my time at the park,” said Asturias.

Students soon grew bored of the ride, so they attempted to make it more thrill-inducing. The idea turned out to make the Lazy River even more enjoyable.

“I think causing a blockade numerous times in the Lazy River was probably the most fun I’ve had in a while.” said Giacomo Collela (‘23).

The trip made students appreciative of the consideration they are receiving as seniors, motivating them and bringing them together in their last year of high school.

“It’s pretty sweet to get all this special treatment from the school. We’re on top man, we’re on top,” said Asturias.

The picnic was a much-needed escape from the burdens of academic learning, allowing students to unwind and to take a break from constant academic work.

“Senior year, especially college applications, can be pretty stressful sometimes, so it’s nice to have a day off and just relax,” said Collela.